10 Ways to Clean Your Home Naturally With Soda Crystals

In this age of eco-consciousness, making your home sparkle doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

One of the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions you can use is soda crystals.

These humble household essentials are potent, multi-functional, and natural cleaning agents that offer a myriad of uses.

From unblocking your sink to making your silver jewellery shine, soda crystals are an inexpensive and effective alternative to many commercial cleaning products.

So keep reading to learn 10 ways to clean your home naturally with soda crystals.

What Exactly are Soda Crystals?

Soda crystals, also known as washing soda or sodium carbonate, are a water-soluble, highly alkaline compound that has been used for centuries as a powerful cleaning agent.

They are derived from the ash of sodium-rich plants and are now produced commercially by combining salt water with limestone.

These eco-friendly crystals are compatible with septic systems, contain no toxic ingredients and are cruelty-free.

Their alkaline properties make them particularly effective at breaking down fatty, greasy, or oily deposits, making them an excellent solution for many cleaning tasks.

However, they are a chemical substance, and care should be taken when using them – always wear rubber gloves to avoid skin irritation.

The Many Uses of Soda Crystals Around Your Home

Let’s explore some of the surprising ways you can leverage the power of soda crystals to maintain a clean and fresh home.

1. Unblock Your Sink and Drains

One of the most common uses for soda crystals is to unblock sinks and drains.

They are excellent at dissolving the built-up grease and debris that clog up your pipes.

Pour a cup of soda crystals down your plughole, followed by a kettle of boiling water.

This combination will clear out any build-up, leaving your drains running smoothly and odour-free.

2. Clean Your Washing Machine

A washing machine often accumulates soap scum and hard water deposits over time, which can affect its efficiency.

Soda crystals can help you maintain a clean and efficient machine.

Once a month, add a cup of soda crystals to your washing machine drum and run an empty hot wash cycle.

This will remove any residue and prolong the machine’s lifespan.

3. Brighten Up Your Laundry

Soda crystals are a great laundry booster.

They soften hard water, which allows your laundry detergent to work more effectively, and they are especially good at removing stains such as tea, coffee, blood, oil, and grease.

Just add a spoonful of soda crystals to your laundry load or pre-soak heavily soiled items in a strong soda crystals solution before washing.

4. Tackle Greasy Pans and Baking Trays

If you have pots and pans with stubborn burnt-on food, soda crystals can be your best friend.

Add a quarter cup of soda crystals to the pan and fill it with boiling water.

Leave it to soak overnight and in the morning, the burnt food will lift off with minimal scrubbing.

5. Revive Your Silverware

Believe it or not, soda crystals can bring back the shine to your tarnished silverware.

Make a solution of soda crystals and hot water, immerse your silver pieces (avoiding any with precious stones), and watch as the tarnish dissolves.

Rinse each piece and dry for a sparkling finish.

6. Keep Your Toilet Sparkling Clean

Soda crystals can be a great alternative to bleach for cleaning stained toilets.

Make a solution with equal parts soda crystals and water, pour it down your toilet, leave for a few minutes, and then scrub well with a toilet brush.

Not only will this clean your toilet, but it’s also much safer and eco-friendly than using harsh bleach.

7. Eliminate Stubborn Stains from Clothes

Stains on clothes can be a real headache, especially when they are stubborn ones like coffee, blood, oil, or ink.

But, soda crystals can come to your rescue.

Add a cup of soda crystals to a pint of hot water, and pre-soak your stained clothes for an hour before washing them as usual.

You’ll be surprised at how effectively this natural stain remover works.

8. Clean Your Oven, Hob, and Extractor Fan Filter

Cleaning your oven and hob can be a gruelling task, but soda crystals can make it a breeze.

For your oven, prepare a shallow bath of hot water mixed with a cup of soda crystals.

Immerse your oven racks and grill tray in this solution, leave them for 30 minutes, give them a quick scrub, and they’ll come up clean without much effort.

For your hob, dissolve soda crystals in water and use this solution to wipe off grease and burnt-on food.

To clean your extractor fan filter, dissolve soda crystals and laundry detergent in hot water, and use this solution to clean the filter with ease.

9. Refresh Your Carpets

Soda crystals can be an excellent solution for refreshing your carpets.

Simply sprinkle them evenly over your carpet, leave them to sit for a few minutes, and then vacuum.

This will help to remove embedded dirt and odours, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

10. Clean Your Outdoors

Soda crystals can also be used to clean your outdoor spaces.

If your patio or decking is plagued by moss and algae, you can eliminate it with soda crystals.

Sprinkle them on the affected areas, wet them with water, and let them sit for 24 hours.

Then, the moss and algae will turn brown and can be easily brushed away.


Soda crystals are a versatile, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

They are ready to help you tackle anything from stubborn stains to blocked drains, dirty ovens, and grimy patios.

So next time you’re about to reach for a chemical-laden cleaning product, remember the humble soda crystals.

They might just be the best natural cleaning solution you’ve been looking for.


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