BBQ’s & Off-the-Grid Living | The Complete Guide

Barbecue cooking is a great way to make hot meals when you are living off the grid.

But first, you should read this complete guide on BBQs before you buy one and start cooking.

Whether you’re grilling veggie hot dogs or embarking on an epic barbequing marathon, make sure you have all the essential tools to ensure an unforgettable summer experience.

Invest in a good quality outdoor gas or charcoal grill – these will last for years to come.

This article will provide helpful tips on how to get started grilling if you’re living off the grid or just chilling in your own back garden.

So Lets Start!

The Basics Before Barbecuing

It’s important to know how to properly use a barbecue before attempting any recipes

The most important thing to remember is that barbecuing requires patience and practice—it takes time to learn how to barbecue correctly. 

Always read the bbq instructions before you start building the bbq and make sure you purchase the correct fuel for the bbq you are about to use.

Wear heat-proof gloves whenever handling hot grills

Safety Tips When BBQing

BBQs are great for enjoying summer days, but they can also be dangerous if not used properly. Here are some tips to keep in mind when grilling to ensure your safety:

  1. Always check for any propane or gas leaks before lighting the grill.
  2. Make sure the grill is located at least 10 feet away from any buildings or trees and use a heat-resistant surface underneath it.
  3. Wear heat-proof gloves whenever handling hot grills, lids, and utensils.
  4. Keep all children and pets away from the grill area while barbecuing.
  5. Clean the cooking grate after each use to avoid food buildup that could cause flare-ups or start fires.
  6. Never leave the grill unattended while it’s lit, even for a few minutes as flames can quickly spread out of control if left unsupervised.
  7. Use long handled BBQ tools to avoid burning yourself with hot liquids or steam when flipping food over or checking on it during cooking time.
  8. When finished cooking, turn off all burners and close the lid on the grill until it has completely cooled down.
  9. Always have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby, just in case a fire breaks out.
  10. Have a first-aid kit in case you or someone else cooking gets burnt.
Set of cooking utensils for barbecuing

Tools You Will Need For Barbecuing 

Cooking on a barbecue requires the right tools and utensils to ensure success. After all, you don’t want your food to be charred outside and raw inside, or get burnt fingers trying to lift hot food onto a plate! 

Preparing yourself with the right tools makes all the difference.

  1. A good set of tongs
    Tongs are one of the most important BBQ tools as they allow you to safely pick up and move food around on the grill. Look for a pair that is made from stainless steel or another heat-resistant material.
  2. Spatula
    A spatula is essential for flipping burgers and other items on the grill. Again, look for one that is made from a heat-resistant material.
  3. Basting brush
    A basting brush is used to apply sauces and marinades to food on the grill. Choose one with natural bristles (like nylon or silicone) as opposed to metal or plastic, which can melt or break down at high temperatures.
  4. Grill brush
    A grill brush is used to clean the grates of your grill before and after cooking. Choose one with stiff bristles in order to effectively remove any build-up on your grates.
  5. Aluminium foil
    Aluminum foil can be used for a variety of purposes when grilling, such as wrapping food before cooking it, creating a makeshift drip pan, or even cleaning the grill grates.
  6. Wooden skewers
    Wooden skewers are great for grilling kebabs, chicken, and other small pieces of meat or vegetables. Soak them in water for 30 minutes before using them to prevent them from burning on the grill.
  7. Meat thermometer
    A meat thermometer is essential for cooking meats to perfection without overcooking them. Look for one that is digital and has a long probe so that you can easily insert it into thick cuts of meat without burning yourself.
  8. Grill gloves
    Grill gloves are a must if you want to avoid getting burned while working with hot coals or handling food on the grill. Look for a pair that is made from heat-resistant material like Kevlar or silicone.
  9. Apron
    An apron will help to keep your clothes clean while you’re cooking on the BBQ. Choose one that is made from sturdy material like denim or canvas so that it can withstand high temperatures and repeated washing.

Quick tips for BBQing image

Quick Tips Before You Start BBQing

There are several things that you should keep in mind when prepping dishes on a BBQ – first, always make sure that all of your ingredients are prepped before placing them on the grill. 

Marinating your food overnight before cooking will improve the flavour and also you will have less to do before you start cooking the next day.

It’s important to use oil or butter when grilling vegetables or proteins like chicken or fish as this will help prevent sticking and burning on the grates. 

You can also use aluminium foil packets for vegetables or proteins if you don’t want them directly touching the grates when you are cooking meat and you are also cooking for vegetarians. 

Finally, make sure that all meats are cooked through before serving – no one wants food poisoning from undercooked meat!

 barbecue in a backyard

Finding The Right BBQ Grill

Finding the right BBQ grill can be an exciting and challenging task. When it comes to grill shopping, it pays to know what features are important to you.

You should think about whether or not you need a larger cooking surface or the ability to adjust the temperature with a dial.

Additionally, things like durability, portability, storage space and ease of cleaning should all be taken into account before buying a new BBQ grill.

With some forethought and planning, you can find the perfect grill for your backyard that will make every meal special.

Most popular BBQ grills on the market.

  1. Gas grills
    A propane gas barbecue is a convenient and easy way to cook food for your outdoor gatherings. Using gas as the heat source instead of charcoal allows for more precise, even heat that you can adjust quickly. Plus, with no need to wait on hot coals, you can start grilling in minutes! 
  2. Charcoal grills
    At first glance, it may look like any other type of open metal barbecue you will come across, but unlike propane-powered gas grills that heat food over burners and infrared grills with continuous cooking surfaces, charcoal grills use small pieces of wood or coal to produce high-heat direct flames. Charcoal grills are ideal for BBQ masters who enjoy experimenting with different varieties of wood and the various smoky flavours they can provide to the food. 
  3. Electric grills
    Electric grills make outdoor cooking easier than ever before. With a press of a button, you can be enjoying meals cooked just like on an outdoor gas or charcoal grill in minutes. Some even allow you to adjust the temperature. Cleaning up is also incredibly simple with removable parts that are dishwasher safe and wipe-down surfaces that are easy to maintain. In ways not possible before, electric grills make it possible to prepare great meals quickly and easily so you can enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking without hassle.
  4. Pellet grills
    They use wood pellets that are smokey and flavorful, adding an incredible taste to your meal. Plus, they make it super easy to change heat or flavour profiles throughout the cook which allows you to customize each dish any way you’d like. Pellet grills are also great for keeping the temperature consistent so that all of your food cooks evenly and perfection is guaranteed. 
  5. Infrared grills
    An infrared grill is a great choice for cooks who love to barbecue. Infrared grills provide a delicious and evenly cooked meal every time. With temperatures potentially reaching up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, food grills quickly and efficiently while locking in flavour and moisture. These grills are also incredibly user-friendly. 
  6. Smokers
    A Smoker BBQ is the perfect combination of classic barbecuing and wood-fired flavor. It uses low, indirect heat to evenly slow cook food for hours over an extended period of time. The result? Delicious, succulent food that is full of smoky goodness! Whether you’re a master griller or novice backyard chef, a smoker bbq can help you create mouthwatering meals your friends and family will love. Just set it up with your desired fuel, adjust the temperature settings and wait – in no time you’ll have some scrumptious results. So if you’re looking to take your barbecue game up a notch, look no further than the Smoker BBQ – it’s the perfect choice for any outdoor chef!
  7. Hibachi grill
    A hibachi grill is a style of Japanese outdoor cooking that uses a charcoal-fired, short-legged, open-topped grill. Originally developed for outdoor use by the samurai in the 16th century, it retains its rustic charm to this day – perfect for creating wonderfully smoky food. Interestingly, hibachi grills aren’t used just for vegan and vegetarian meals: meats can be cooked on them too! 
  8. Barrel grill
    A barrel grill is a type of BBQ pit that is usually cylindrical in shape and has two lids or doors. It works much like an oven because the lid creates a seal, trapping the heat inside and leading to even temperature distribution. On the outside it has legs so you can place it on any stable surface, making it one of the most portable grills around. Inside the barrel, you will find bars or grates for placing charcoal which can be easily adjusted with handles. A barrel grill also typically come with adjustable flues or vents that allow you to control the temperature just by adjusting how much air enters from outside. 
  9. Drum Smoker
    A drum smoker is an essential cooking tool for the pitmaster who wants to make delicious barbecued meats. It tends to contain a large metal cylinder chamber with an adjustable smokestack on top and a removable cooking grate. The drum itself is fuel-operated, usually charcoal, wood chips or pellets and produces both heat and smoke inside the chamber so that it can slowly cook the food evenly over time in traditional barbecue fashion. You can even choose how long you want your meat to be smoked as well as how much heat/smoke to use at any given time. 
  10. Portable grills
    Portable grills are the perfect solution for people on the move who still want to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional grill. Perfect for spontaneous barbecues, camping trips, or even picnics in the park, these amazing devices come with numerous features and benefits. They boast fully adjustable temperature settings so that you can cook everything from delicious steak to burgers and veggie kebabs. Not only this, but their collapsible designs make them much easier to transport and store when not in use.  
  11. Built-in grills
    Built-in grills are a fantastic way to cook up deliciousness without having to compromise valuable outdoor space. These grills are built into your countertop or an outdoor kitchen, using the same amount of floor or counter space as a stove top burner or griddle. 

Americans and BBQ image

Different American Style Of Cooking On A Barbecue

Americans love to BBQ, but did you know that different state has their own way of cooking? Let’s look at a few different USA states and the way they like to cook on a BBQ. 

  1. Kansas City-Style BBQ
    Kansas City-style barbecue is characterized by its use of molasses-based sauces, which are thick and sweet. The most popular meats used in Kansas City-style barbecue are pork and beef, although chicken and lamb are also sometimes used.
  2. Memphis-Style BBQ
    Memphis-style barbecue is characterized by its use of dry rubs, which are spice mixtures that are rubbed into the meat before cooking. The most popular meats used in Memphis-style barbecue are pork and chicken.
  3. Texas-Style BBQ
    Texas-style barbecue is characterized by its use of direct heat grilling, as well as the use of mesquite or hickory wood for smoking. The most popular meats used in Texas-style barbecue are beef brisket and sausage.
  4. Carolina-Style BBQ
    Carolina-style barbecue is characterized by its use of vinegar-based sauces, which are tangy and slightly acidic. The most popular meats used in Carolina-style barbecue are pork and chicken.
  5. Alabama-Style BBQ
    Alabama-style barbecue is characterized by its use of white sauce, which is a mayonnaise and vinegar based sauce. The most popular meats used in Alabama-style barbecue are chicken and pork ribs.
  6. Georgia-Style BBQ
    Georgia-style barbecue is characterized by its use of mustard-based sauces, which are tangy and slightly spicy. The most popular meats used in Georgia-style barbecue are pork and chicken.
  7. Southwestern Style BBQ
    Southwestern style barbecue is characterized by its use of chile pepper based sauces, which can be either mild or hot depending on the peppers used. The most popular meats used in southwestern style barbecue are beef brisket and pork shoulder.
  8. Hawaiian Style BBQ
    Hawaiian style barbecue is characterized by its use of tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango, as well as traditional Hawaiian flavors such as coconut milk and macadamia nuts. The most popular meats used in Hawaiian style barbecue are chicken and pork chops


BBQing off-grid can be a fun and convenient way to cook outdoors without relying on traditional sources of power or fuel availability from cities or towns nearby. 

With careful planning and preparation, you can have delicious meals cooked with ease wherever you go! 

Whether you choose charcoal, propane, wood chips/twigs as your main fuel source make sure you stay safe by following all necessary safety guidelines when operating any type of grill outdoors!

Enjoy your new found freedom!


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