Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Paper Towels in the UK

In the quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, every small change matters.

One impactful change you can make in your daily routine is switching to eco friendly kitchen paper towels.

Not only do they offer the same convenience as traditional options, but they also contribute to a healthier planet.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best eco-friendly kitchen paper towels in the UK, including Naked Sprout and Bumboo, to guide you towards a greener choice for your home.

Top Sustainable Kitchen Paper Towels Brands

Bumboo (Our Top Pick)

Bumboo stands out for its commitment to sustainability and comfort.

Made from bamboo, Bumboo’s kitchen paper towels are not only eco-friendly but also soft and luxurious.

The bamboo used is organically grown, and the towels are free from harmful chemicals.

With Bumboo, you can pamper yourself and the planet simultaneously, proving that sustainability can be a soft touch.

Naked Sprout

Naked Sprout takes a fresh approach to eco-cleaning with its bamboo-based kitchen paper towels.

Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource, making it an excellent alternative to traditional paper.

The towels are biodegradable and come in plastic-free packaging, aligning with Naked Sprout’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while providing a high-quality product for your kitchen needs.

Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap has made a name for itself not just through its quirky name but also for its commitment to sustainability.

The brand offers 100% recycled paper towels that are made from post-consumer waste, ensuring no harm to new trees.

The stylish, plastic-free packaging adds a touch of eco-chic to your kitchen.

What’s more, 50% of their profits go towards building toilets in developing countries, making your purchase a contribution to a better world.

The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Kitchen Roll is made from rapidly renewable bamboo, it balances eco-friendliness with quality.

The sheets are surprisingly soft, absorbent, and strong, catering to various kitchen needs.

The bulk box is convenient, minimising the need for frequent replenishment, and the perforated sheets simplify tearing.

Its minimal lint production, versatility, and the brand’s commitment to ethical practices make it a standout eco-friendly choice for any kitchen.

At a Glance:

  1. Bumboo – Luxuriously Soft Kitchen Towels
    • Material: Luxuriously soft bamboo
    • Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging
    • Additional Features: Organically grown bamboo, free from harmful chemicals
  2. Naked SproutA Fresh Approach to Eco-Cleaning
    • Material: Bamboo-based for sustainability
    • Packaging: Plastic-free packaging
    • Additional Features: Fast-growing and renewable bamboo resource
  3. Who Gives a CrapThe Pioneer of Sustainable Living
    • Material: 100% Sustainable Bamboo
    • Packaging: Stylish, plastic-free packaging
    • Impact: 50% of profits donated to building toilets in developing countries
  4. The Cheeky Panda – The Green Choice for the Everyday Consumer
    • Material: 100% Sustainable Bamboo
    • Packaging: Minimalistic and made from recycled materials
    • Additional Features: Part of every purchase goes The World Land Trust

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I compost eco-friendly kitchen paper towels?

Yes, many eco-friendly brands, such as Ecoleaf, Naked Sprout, and Bumboo, produce paper towels that are compostable and biodegradable.

Always check the product information for proper disposal guidelines.

Are eco-friendly paper towels as absorbent as traditional ones?

Absolutely! Reputable brands ensure their eco-friendly options are as absorbent and durable as conventional paper towels.

Are these towels more expensive than regular paper towels?

While some eco-friendly options may have a slightly higher upfront cost, the long-term benefits to the environment and your conscience make them a worthwhile investment.

As demand for sustainable products increases, prices are becoming more competitive.


The landscape of eco-friendly kitchen paper towels in the UK offers a variety of choices to suit every preference.

Whether you’re drawn to the charitable initiatives of Who Gives a Crap, the fresh approach of Naked Sprout, or the soft touch of Bumboo, each brand brings its unique strengths to the table.

Make the switch and contribute to a healthier planet, one kitchen roll at a time.

Happy eco-cleaning!


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