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50 Top Eco Friendly Brands For Sustainable Living

50 Top Eco Friendly Brands For Sustainable Living

Greta Thunberg is frequently in the news and on social media highlighting the plight of our planet due to  climate change, this is echoed by David Attenborough's  Blue Planet documentary, showing us the damage plastic and waste is doing to our coral reefs & sea life, in addition to the effects  deforestation is having on our wildlife.

Gradually, we are becoming much more aware of our choices,  and slowly as consumers we are taking responsibility and making changes to how we live, by recycling, reducing and using everyday household items.  Many Companies are now  also doing their bit by making some amazing eco friendly products that are sustainable, plastic free, organic and zero waste. So to celebrate these brands we have complied our top 50 list of UK brands that we love.

So grab a cup (eco friendly of course) of tea and enjoy reading our recommended list of eco friendly brands that make amazing products to help the environment, reduce plastic waste and their carbon footprint, all of these companies are UK based and strive for sustainable living.

Our Top Eco Friendly Brands

1. Jungle Culture 

Jungle Culture Products
This company was founded in 2020, they sell eco friendly and ethical products, like coconut bowls, reclaimed wooden cutlery, cool metal & bamboo straws, along with reusable razors. We love the design, usability and packaging of Jungle Culture.

Click here to visit our Jungle Culture range.


2. Kabloom

Kabloom was founded back in 2010, with the goal of making fun and friendly products that are also environmentally-friendly. Kaboom sells the innovative Seedbom, a fun gardening tool that creates a healthy garden patch for the animals that need it most. We absolutely love how unique Seedboms are.

Kabloom - https://kabloom.co.uk


3. Brushd

Brushd Products

The eco-friendly oral care business Brushd was opened in 2018, and have since released a high quality range of products that are great for the environment. These include their toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, dental vitamins and bamboo toothbrushes.  What we love about it, is that it's a great organic alternative to something we all do everyday.

Brushd - https://brushd.co.uk


4. Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes

In 2019 Beauty Kubes started up selling great, environmentally friendly hair and skincare products. Inspired by the BBC's blue planet 2,  they aimed to create a plastic free alternative to companies out there, flooding the market with products that lead to so much plastic waste. We love their products because of their great design and goal to do better for our planet.

Beauty Kubes - https://beautykubes.co.uk


5. EcoEgg 

Ecoegg Banner

Founded back in 2008, Ecoeggs is an innovative product that has seen success worldwide, and has won multiple awards since then. The Eco Egg  is a replacement for laundry detergent and fabric conditioners, as well as being a kinder plastic free replacement. We love its quirky design and its usefullness. A great eco friendly product all around.

EcoEgg - https://ecoegg.com


6. Neon Kactus 

Neon Kactus Cups

Neon Kactus began in 2018, with 20 years of working in the food and drink industry showing them the impact of single-use plastics. From this, they decided to create their own reusable, functional and stylish range of cups. At Zero Zen we love their entire range for both their trendy designs and benefit to our planet.

Click here to view our Neon Kactus range


7. Who Gives a Crap  

Who Gives a Crap Banner

Starting in 2012, this funny yet environmentally effective brand, sells bamboo toilet paper, forest friendly tissues and dream cloths. We here love the high quality of their products, their mission to help make the world a better place, and especially their sense of humour.

Who Gives a Crap - https://uk.whogivesacrap.org/


8. Bamigo  

Bamigo Bamboo Clothing

Bamigo is a newly opened growing range of men's bamboo clothing. It sells shirts, underwear and trousers, claimed to be the perfect fit,  along with being extremely comfy. We love the range being focused towards men, as we know how much harder it can be for men to find the high quality eco alternatives out there.

Bamigo - https://bamigo.com/gb/


9. Oxsy 

Oxsy Mobile Covers

Oxsy is another new store with unique bamboo and other wooden phone cases  to replace their less eco-friendly alternatives. We love that it's a stylish alternative of something we might not normally think of as needing to be eco friendly.

Oxsy - https://www.oxsy.co.uk


10. Turtle Bags 

Turtle bags company

Turtle bags has been open since 2001, raising awareness of the hazards plastic bags were causing to our ocean. It sells organic bags, children's books, and even facemasks. Being the clean alternative to our oceans needs. Their goal to help the ocean is what we love most along with the high quality alternatives they're offering to replace the troublesome plastic that's causing harm to the animals that inhabit the sea.

Turtle Bags - https://www.turtlebags.co.uk



&SISTER Products

&SISTERS is a great business focused on helping women going through their periods, offering an eco friendly replacement of tampons, pads, cups and more.  We like is their commitment to providing the eco product women need, especially if they struggle to find alternatives elsewhere .

&Sisters - https://andsisters.co.uk


12. Shower Blocks

Shower Blocks Soap Bars

Shower Blocks are the plastic free, vegan  shower gels aiming to get rid of single use plastics that are widely used for showers and baths. Offering amazing scents such as lime & sandalwood or mango & passionfruit, to name but a few. We love their packaging and the bars themselves, as if that wasn't enough they also  partner with toiletries amnesty giving showers to those who need them.

Click here to visit Shower Blocks products range


13. Moonie 

Moonie Eco Products

Moonie is owned by a mother and daughter duo, who have a passion for creating accessible and affordable products that will help consumers make more sustainable choices. They sell great zero waste products all handmade by themselves. These include but aren’t limited too, reusable cotton pads, dish washing soaps and produce bags. We love family businesses, especially when they’re working together to create a better future for our planet.

Moonie - https://www.moonie.co.uk


14. Kutis


Kutis is a relatively new business that sells eco friendly skincare products as they believe all the natural things we can get from the earth, is enough to care for our skin. They sell a wide variety of these products such as natural deodorants, body butter and lip balms. We like their packaging a lot, along with their motivation to make products that’ll help the environment in the long run. 

Kutis - https://kutis-skincare.co.uk


15. Planet Detox

Planet Detox

Planet detox is an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning, removing the need for plastic packaging. Offering dish washing soap, bathroom cleaning soap, laundry wash and much more. We’re a big fan of their plastic free packaging along with how great it looks altogether and the large amount of products they offer..

Planet Detox - https://planetdetox.co.uk/shop/


16. Bam

Bam Clothing

Bam starting back in 2006, even when it was a small business it continued to grow into what it is today. Selling a variety of soft and efficient clothing for men and women. We love their wide range of stylish clothing and how much they’ve done for the planet, their stats are impressive. 

Bam - https://bambooclothing.co.uk


17. Rugged  Nature

Rugged Nature Beard Products


Rugged Nature started back in 2018, when the owners discovered the hair products they had been using caused their mother breathing problems, so they decided to create an alternative that’d help her in the long run. They sell a variety of hair care products such as beard grooming kits, razors, and hair clay. We love that their business came from wanting to help their mothers condition, in addition and the overall high quality and edginess of their products.

Click here to visit Rugged Nature website


18. Wild Thought

Wild Thoughts Dog Products

Wild Thought opened up once the owners got their own dog., they aimed to include it in their eco lifestyle. Offering the hard to come by alternatives of products for your pooch pal, such as natural dog food, chew toys, hygiene and more. Having a dog ourselves we love having an eco option to suit our ethos and lifestyle choices, well done Wild Thought !

Wild Thought - https://www.wildthought.co.uk


19. Foragers Cottage  

Forge Cottage Bread Bag

The Foragers cottage started from the love of baking breads, to develop  their own product, the organic bread bag. This is the perfect place to keep homemade bread after it's been cooked, keeping it fresh for  longer. We love how from the product to packaging it’s biodegradable and plastic free and the unique alternative they’re offering.

Foragers Cottage - www.theforagerscottage.com


20. Truthpaste 

 Truthpaste Toothpaste

Truthpaste was founded in 2014, with the goal to create the UK’s first mineral based toothpaste, that is waste free, while leaving a great taste in your mouth. Truthpaste has a variety of different flavours as well as options for kids and adults. A great alternative with zero waste and recyclable packaging. We love the fresh feeling it left in our mouths when using it.

Click here to visit our Truthpaste range



georganics mouth care

Georganics is safe, organic, oral care - meant for the good of people and the planet. They have their own self-made range of organic dental care products such mouthwash, toothpaste powder and more. We enjoy their story of wanting to create an alternative that works for the customers as well as the planet.

Georganics - https://georganics.com


22. Playing in Choc

Playing in Choc

From a love of chocolate herself the owner of Playing in Choc wanted her children to experience of the joy of it as well, but decided it didn’t have to be an unhealthy alternative. After testing she felt she had found the perfect alternative, leading to Playing in Choc being where it is today. A perfect tasty alternative that comes with a kids toy as well. We love their story and adore their packaging. Playing in Choc being the perfect alternative treat for kids.

Playing in Choc - https://playinchoc.com


23. Totsbots

Totsbots Eco-Friendly Nappies

In 2003 Totsbots developed their first eco-friendly, ultra-performing nappy.  The sustainable alternative that revolutionized that market. Being a family based business in Glasgow that has been growing ever since. We love this family business due to how long it’s been going, along with the overall quality of products they offer, having 17+ years of experience to make the perfect nappy for your child.

Totsbots - https://www.totsbots.com


24. Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor was founded in 2017 when they started providing their services. Initially offering clothing services online to their customers such as repairing or cleaning clothes.  Now offering their own laundry detergent, face masks and whole assortment of clothing care. We just love the large variety Clothes Doctor offers, along with how professional their site looks. 

Clothes Doctor - https://clothes-doctor.com


25. Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious Deodorant

Earth conscious is a natural made deodorant stick focused on  leaving a refreshing sensation in your pits, while coming from naturally sourced materials, coming in eco-friendly packaging you can get a variety of different scents like grape-fruit and lemon, or lavender and tea tree. We love how money from each sale goes to the Marine Conservation, benefitting our planet in more than one way.

Earth Conscious - https://www.earthconscious.co.uk


26. My Panda Life  

My Panda Life Bamboo Bedding

My panda life was founded in 2015 and has the goal to redefine what it means to feel at home with it’s premium quality eco friendly bamboo bedding products. They sell a wide range of entirely green range of gear for your home such as Memory foam pillows, entire bedding sets and even towels. We love how comfy all of their products are personally along with the beautiful selection of colours they come in.

Click here to view our My Panda Life range


27. Bain and Savon

Bain and Savon

Bain & Savon begun in 2002 and went fulltime in 2018. Aiming to make some of the best vegan, natural handmade soap out there. All of their high-quality soaps come in compostable, bio-degradable bags. We love how eco-friendly the business is and how all their soaps look.

Bain and Savon - https://bain-savon.co.uk


28. Bambaw


In 2015, the owners of Bambaw were shocked by how large-scale plastic pollution was. With a new desire to live a life as plastic free as possible Bambaw came about. Selling a wide array of their own sustainable products, like bamboo makeup removers, or even silk dental floss. We love how they came to realise how bad plastic and other forms of waste is damaging our planet, and setting up their own store in order to make their own environmentally friendly products known.

Bambaw - https://bambaw.com


29. Eco Living

Eco Living Products

Eco living is a store that produce a large amount of self made eco products, having a large variety of their own brands such as Patch plasters and their general eco living products for example. They sell beard brushes, organic face masks and compostable sponges. We at Zero Zen love their range and their products always come in such high quality that we always look forward to restocking from them.

Click here to visit our Eco Living range


30. Kitenest 


Kitenest started with the belief their products shouldn’t just be saving the planet, but also make the people using them feel incredible as well. Having a mix of natural hair products, bath and shower products, accessories and more, there’s a wide range to choose from when shopping from Kitenest which is why we love them.

Kitenest - https://kitenest.co.uk


31. Nature & My 


Nature & my’s business is focused on offering ethical, natural and eco-friendly products, making sure all products are good for people's health and the environment. Having products made from sustainable materials like Bamboo, Rice Husk and Stainless Steel. Offering bamboo hairbrushes, plastic free cutlery and even an environmentally friendly water filter. We love their use of sustainable material, and how unique it is to offer a water filter knowing how sustainable they are in the long run for any household.

Nature & My - https://www.natureandmy.com


32. Wild & Stone

Wild & Stone

Wild and stone is a newer business where the owner didn’t want to be part of the problem that came from using single use plastics. They sell a great range of handmade products such as bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax food wraps, and cotton tote bags. We love the variety their range offers, as well as the high quality they provide. 

Click here to visit our Wild & Stone products


33. Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve started when the founder went diving in the ocean, only to encounter a plastic island that was home to the SeaLife she went to see. They offer a wide range of their eco-friendly everyday alternatives, with gifts, beauty care, kitchen wares and even products for when you’re out and about. We love Tabitha Eve because of its high-quality products and the reason they started really goes to show how bad the planet is becoming with its single use plastics.

Tabitha Eve - https://www.tabithaeve.co.uk


34. New Dawn

New Dawn Candles & Melts

A New Dawn is a self-made vegan wax candle and wax melt business that opened in 2020, with the goal of providing an eco-friendly attentive to the large number of candles out there, using natural and soy wax alternatives. They have a wide range of amazing fragrances and products to choose from, such as ; cherry blossom wax melts, or cashmere and winter musk candles. We love how all their products smell along with the eco-friendly packaging they come in.

New Dawn - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NewDawnUk


35. Chewsy


Chewsy is the UK’s first and only entirely plant based, plastic free gum. Sweetened without the use of sugar to keep teeth healthy, since it’s entirely plant based it’s also completely biodegradable. Coming in multiple different flavours such as peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint and  lemon. We love how unique this product is to the UK and how it’s  entirely vegan without any sugar or artificial sugars.

Chewsy  - https://chewsygum.com


36. Envirotoy

Envirotoy - Eco Toys

Having launched in 2019, Envirotoy was made to be the plastic free alternative to children's toys already dominating the market. With love for the environment, they created multiple different products for the enjoyment for kids. From rattles to squishy toys there’s a wide range of different goods for children to enjoy. We love products, as do the children that play with them. 

Envirotoy - https://www.envirotoy.co.uk


37. Wild Sage

Wild Sage Natural Skincare

Wild Sage is a natural skincare business with completely homemade products. With refreshing body scrubs and soaps and even aprons. We love this family run business because of the years of experience they’ve had testing their products out, along with them being based off the home remedies the family had made for generations.

Wild Sage - https://www.wild-sage.co.uk


38. Mori

Mori Organic baby clothes

Mori began in 2015, always using the softest organic materials possible for their clothing, they believe every moment should be cherished, and the softest clothes possible can help baby have the best start. Selling a wide range of baby’s clothing and more, their website is a great one to get everything you could need for your newborn. We love all of their products, how their site is laid out and all the extra information they have on their site, like their commitment to sustainability. 

>Mori - https://babymori.com


39. Sprout World


Sprout began with the idea that sustainability should come first, they wanted people to care for their planet as well all while using their simple and fun products as ways of doing so. We love their sprout pencil, a simple design that’s so effective. A pencil you use to write with until it’s too short, then you plant it in the ground and watch it grow beautiful plants. This is a great product for anyone and does the planet a great deal of good.

Sprout World - https://sproutworld.com


40. Stand4Socks


Stand4Socks has great values and great products, selling multiple types of eco friendly socks that vary from bamboo or two types of cotton. With several great designs to choose from, they have something for everybody. What we love most is that for every single pair of socks they sell, they give a pair to a homeless person. Making them a star choice for anyone looking for socks.

Stand4Socks - https://www.stand4socks.com


41. Fa vo

Fa-Vo Eco Note Pad

Being founded in 2017 Fa Vo as a business start up in London. Making all their products  in Portugal, and selling them  in the UK. They make eco friendly notebooks with a design we love due to its minimalism and class, all of the items they use are highly recyclable. They aim  to make sure their sustainable product becomes a staple in the notebook industry.

Fa vo - https://www.fa-vo.com


42. Totem Tea

Totem Tea Shop

Totem tea is a UK based vegan, organic, and ethically made tea. Offering a wide variety of flavours like cream caramel or cinnamon and liquorice. We love their flavours along with the cute box packaging, especially since it comes without the need for plastic packaging that non-eco alternatives often use.

Totem Tea< - https://www.totemteashop.co.uk


43. Elephant Box

Elephant Box

Elephant box was founded when the owners decided they wanted to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Knowing overconsumption was harming the planet they took the step of creating their own line of environmentally friendly products to help out their earth.  We love their range of stainless steel lunch boxes and their new cups for their design and durability.

Elephant Box - https://elephantbox.co.uk


44. Project Blu

Project Blu Recycled Dog Products

Project blu is a UK based business with the desire to sell products that are different and affordable. They sell a variety of eco-friendly dog based products such as poop bag holders, dog beds and cushions along with various types of dog leads. Having our own dog we know how important it can be to go eco-friendly with them as they should be treated like any other part of the family.

Project Blu - https://projectblu.co


45. Allbirds


Allbirds is a business that makes organic shoes and ones from recycled materials such as wool, tree’s, and other sustainable sources, they even use recycled cardboard for their packaging . Creating a range of flexible and comfortable footwear for their customers, we love how every part of the shoe is environmentally friendly.

Allbirds - https://www.allbirds.co.uk


46. Elvis and Kresse

Elvis and Kresse

Starting in 2005, Elvis and Kresse have been taking raw materials destined to be thrown away, and turn them into luxury items instead, all while donating 50% to charity. We love their fire hose collection, as its both great for the planet along with being stylish. These are unisex however they do also have a range for both men and women, alongside a homeware selection.

Elvis and Kresse - https://www.elvisandkresse.com/


47. Suneeta London

Suneeta London

Suneeta London is a family-based business, with entirely handmade, natural, vegan and fresh skincare products. With an extremely large range of to choose from, Suneeta London pretty much sells it all. Some of their range consists of face moisturisers, body deodorants and scrubs, shampoo and so much more. We love the giant selection of the products, and how great they work on the body.

Suneeta London - https://www.suneetalondon.co.uk


48. Patch

Patch Plasters

Patch is a wonderful store that was founded in 2016, having a range of amazing eco-plasters. It started off when the founders sons' skin and wound reacted badly to the chemicals regular plasters contained, this led him to create his own alternative that would do the job instead. We love their design and packaging, along with how unique they are, since we haven't seen any other plaster out there.
Click here to visit Patch - https://patchstrips.eu/en


49. Northern Pantry

Northern Pantry

Northern pantry is a store that offers a vegan alternative to honey. No bees are involved in the making of their delicious products. With honey flavours like pear punch, citrus twist and original apple, there's a lot to love about this eco store and its vegan alternative, but what we like most is definitely their love for the bees, as they play a very important part in looking after our planet.

Northern Pantry - https://northernpantry.co.uk/


50. VIDA Natural 

VIDA Natural

VIDA natural started from the discovery of disturbing documentaries showing off the devastating effect plastic was having on our planet. They do so by selling many high quality unique gifts, that are sure to pique interest, such as plastic free jigsaws, bottles and tumblers or even seed paper cards. We love the layout of their site, along with the overall high quality of the products they sell, making them a favourite of ours.

VIDA Natural - https://www.vidanatural.co.uk/


Hope you liked our top 50 Eco brands list and please have a browse around our online store to see some more fantastic eco products.

The small changes we make today - will make the greatest of changes for our future.

Take care & stay safe

Zero Zen Team

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