Free or Low Cost Land for Off-Grid Living in the UK

Hey there, fellow sustainable living enthusiast!

Living off the grid can be a liberating and fulfilling experience for anyone looking to adopt a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

However, the upfront cost of implementing renewable technologies and acquiring land can be daunting.

But did you know that there are options available in the UK that allow you to own free land for off-grid living?

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you the different ways you can secure free or low cost land for off grid living in the UK based on my experience, however finding free or leasing low cost land in the UK is very rare.

Options for Free or Leasing Land for Off-Grid Living UK

Based on my research, there are three main avenues for finding free land or low cost land to rent for off-grid living in the UK: community land trusts, permaculture land plots, and public land.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

CLTs are non-profit organizations that aim to create affordable housing and other community assets for their members.

These organizations typically own and manage the land collectively, and members lease individual homes on this land for free or at reduced rates.

This option can be an excellent choice for off-grid living, as it allows communities to retain control of the land and buildings, which can be used for self-sustaining purposes.

Even better, most of these organisations give their members the freedom to choose the type of home they want to build or live in, so off-grid living options are usually available.

If you are interested in this visit the community land trust website.

Permaculture Land Plots

Permaculture is a farming system that relies on natural ecosystems instead of traditional farming methods.

Permaculture land plots are often available at a reduced cost or for free as they come with limited development rights, usually only allowing for the construction of small, off-grid buildings.

This option can be an excellent choice, especially if you’re interested in living in a natural communal setting where everyone shares the same values.

You can liaise with other permaculture enthusiasts and exchange knowledge about farming practices, making your off-grid living much more rewarding, and fun.

If you are interested in this visit the Brighton permaculture land plots website.

Public land for Sale or Lease

Believe it or not, some governments offer public lands for sale or rent.

However, keep in mind that such opportunities are rare, and significant competition usually comes with it.

Also, significant legal requirements have to be met before you can start your off-grid living.

If you are interested in this visit the GOV UK website.

Legal Considerations

Living off the grid in the UK comes with its own set of legal requirements.

Primarily, planning permission and building regulations must be taken into consideration.

The UK government’s planning regulations state that any building or structure, permanent or temporary, requires planning permission unless it falls within one of the defined categories of permitted development.

Another aspect to consider is the building regulation.

This is required for any new building or significant alteration to an existing building.

Building regulations ensure that construction work meets minimum safety and health standards, including fire safety, structural stability, and sound insulation.


Living off the grid can be one of the best decisions you’ll make, especially if you’re interested in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Although there are challenges in securing free land for off-grid living in the UK, as I have outlined in this blog post, you now have an idea of the different avenues available for securing free land.

You must keep in mind the legal requirements and regulations that come with living off the grid.

Nonetheless, off-grid living offers a unique way of life that’s worth pursuing.

Best of luck in your off-grid living journey!


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