How To Make a Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

Making a wooden pallet coffee table is easier than you might think, it looks amazing for very little money and also it’s a great way to upcycle an old pallet!

With just a few materials and some basic carpentry skills, you can create a unique and stylish table for your home in no time.

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own wooden pallet coffee table.

Materials To Build Your Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

Gearing up to build your new coffee table?

Make sure to gather all of your materials before beginning!

For this project, you will need a wooden pallet, preferably one that has some rustic charm.

From there, you’ll also want a saw and drill with screws, as well as sandpaper and paint or stain to finish off the product.

Then finally you’ll need glass for the top and castor wheels for the feet.

Below we have listed all of the materials to build a wooden pallet coffee table.

Once everything is ready to go, you’ll be on the way towards creating an eye-catching coffee table in no time.

  • Wooden Pallet
  • Hand Saw or Jig Saw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • 40mm Wood Screws
  • 4 Castor Wheels
  • Sandpaper
  • Furniture Paint or Wood Stain
  • Safety Glass (Cut To Size)
  • Self-Sticking Rubber Pads
  • Sand Paper 120g
  • Paint Brush
  • Dust Sheet
  • Safety Gloves
  • Pencil

Find A Pallet

First, you need to get a wooden pallet, these can be picked up relatively easily from local building merchants, warehouses or online and should not cost that much.

Or better still find out on your local facebook group if anyone is throwing one away.

Make sure that the wooden pallet is in good condition and free from any rot and that has a IPPC stamp, the IPPC stamp means it has no nasty chemicals, so it’s safe to use.

Cut The Pallet Down To Size

Before starting to create your stunning new coffee table from upcycled pallet wood, make sure you have the correct measurements of your desired space!

Guessing won’t do – it’s time to get out the measuring tape.

First, measure how big the coffee table will be and mark with a pencil using a straight edge where you will be cutting.

Make sure you mark & cut the correct side of the middle blocks, these supporting blocks need to stay as they keep the pallet together.

To cut the pallet down to size, start by using a hand saw or a jig saw.

Order Glass Top

Now you have the correct size table, it’s time to order the safety glass for the coffee table to cover the whole top.

You can order the glass to be cut to size, either online or can pop into your local glazing shop.

Make sure when ordering that the glass has bevelled edges and it must be safety glass.

Sanding Down

Sanding down the edges of the wood, use safety gloves at this point to avoid getting splinters.

Removing the sharp, rough edges will give the piece a more finished feel that is sure to impress your guests.

When working with wood, it is important to take time smoothing out its surfaces to ensure that everyone can enjoy your table safely.

A few minutes of sanding down each side of this pallet with 120 grit sandpaper can truly make all the difference!

Paint or Stain Your Pallet

Painting or staining the wooden pallet with a colour that coordinates with your home’s décor is an easy way to spruce it up.

Neutral colours can really bring out the wood’s unique grain and create a timeless look, but you can paint the table any colour you desire.

Buy suitable furniture paint or a wood stain if you prefer.

First lay a dust sheet down and paint or stain one side of the pallet, make sure you paint all the area that has bare timber showing.

Once it has dried on that side, flip the pallet over and repeat, do not forget to paint the edges too.

For a more solid look give the whole pallet two coats.

Add Castor Wheels

Now it is time to add the castor wheels to the bottom of the pallet coffee table.

Using 40mm wood screws secure a caster wheel to each corner of the table, preferably with a cordless screwdriver as this will be easier than screwing them in by hand.

This simple step is key in ensuring your masterpiece stands firm with every use and because the table is on wheels you be able to move the coffee table around with ease, you’ll also be able to lock the wheels when it is in place.

You can order all different kinds of locking castor wheels online, or you can pick up the castor wheels & screws from any good hardware store.

If you can afford it and planning to do more DIY jobs, then invest in a good quality cordless screwdriver too!

Glass Top

To complete your wooden pallet coffee table project, you’ll need to add the glass top you have ordered or collected.

Before you put the glass top on the coffee table you should add some large self-stick rubber pads to each corner on the top of the table, normally you just peel the protective paper on one side of the self-sticking rubber pads.

This will serve a few purposes, it will stop the pallet from scratching the glass, but most importantly stop the glass to from moving once in place.

Now you can finish the cofffee table by adding the glass top.


As you can see creating a coffee table from a wooden pallet is an easy and satisfying project.

By following these steps, you will be able to make something beautiful that not only looks great but also has a unique story behind it.

Even if you have never worked with wood before, this project requires minimal tools and knowledge, so don’t be scared to try it out!

With some time and effort, you will soon have your very own wooden pallet coffee table in your home.

Lastly, have a look at other projects you can make with wooden pallets for your home & garden.


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