We’re close to approaching that most wonderful time of the year again, and it’s always a time to pause and reflect. So that’s exactly what we’ve done, we thought it might be a nice idea to compile a list of ways to be more eco-friendly this year. 

1. Reuse your Xmas tree!

It’s easy to pop out and enjoy the ritual of picking a tree each year, but after a few weeks the needles have dropped and it’s left in the kerbside waiting for a collection to take to the recycling centre.

While it’s fantastic to recycle, if you purchase one of the smaller potted trees, as long as they’re cared for and have an outside space they will survive, allowing you to use them the following year. If your choice of tree is larger you could always replant it too. 

Reuse your Xmas tree

2. Wrap your presents in recycled paper

There are lots of companies out there now that use recycled consumer waste to reinvent wrapping paper giving it a new lease of life. Brown paper is also an idea way to wrap gifts allowing you to let loose on that crafter inside of you.

If you’re feeling ultra creative you could use some fabric to wrap your gifts, this looks beautiful when done correctly, so probably best to allow a few practise runs. 

3. Fill your home with a heavenly scent to get in the Christmas spirit

So many options out there to choose from. We really love these cute natural soy wax melts with nutmeg and vanilla, they smell so beautiful and we love the little mushroom design.

4. Buy plastic free gifts for your friends and family

Waste is something we see all around us, in landfill, oceans and bins. In a bid to reduce this we support plastic free! There are lots of gifts out there helping us to be more sustainable and eco friendly, here are a few of our favs! Remember reduce, recycle, reuse ♻️.

If you’re not sure what to look for there are trusted eco logos such as ; Palm Oil Free, Fairtrade, SCS( scientific certification systems) to name a few.

5. Reduce your food waste

It is so easy to overindulge at Christmas, we all do it. Try shopping smart, buy what you need and try not to have excess that will spoil before you get a chance to eat it.

If you do have unopened food that you know you are not going to use, think about donating to your local food hub, they normally have collection points in local supermarkets.  

If you have made too much, use your leftovers to make soups, stews or sandwich fillers, sticking to the eco theme try preserving them with a beeswax food wrap or vegan food wrap. 

6. Clean your dishes with environmentally friendly products

Get rid of wasteful plastics and chemical cleaners and test out more environmentally friendly and zero waste products instead.

7. Have a go at making your own Christmas decorations

Children and adults love getting involved decorating the tree. No need to keep buying new decorations, with a simple salt dough recipe you can have hours of fun making  and decorating your own.

These bright and colourful or tastefully decorated tree decorations will last for years and make your tree unique. Here is a simple recipe.

4 cups of flour

1 cup of table salt

1,1/2 cups of warm water

Mix flour and salt together, add warm water, knead the dough. Now roll out your dough into parchment paper cut your desired shapes.

Don’t forget to put a hole at the top to attach ribbon or string to, so you can hang them off the tree ! The best way to do this is with a straw such as these bamboo straws.

Now bake the dough for 1 hour at 300F or around 150C. Remove them and leave them to cool, now it’s time to decorate.

Have fun & don’t forget to make you Eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions.


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