Natural & Plastic-free Soap Bars that Clean and Moisturise Your Skin

Does your skin feel tight and dry after your morning shower? Have you read the ingredients list of your regular soap? 

Unlike natural and plastic-free soap bars, regular soaps contain lots of toxic ingredients, such as fragrances, preservatives, and other harsh chemicals.  Not only do these ingredients affect your skin but they can also have a negative impact on your health. Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body!

Once you make the transition to a chemical free, vegan, zero waste, organic, cruelty-free, natural, plastic-free soap bar, your skin will notice the difference! These eco-friendly and plastic-free soap bars are made from natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and our planet!

And if that’s not enough, plastic-free soap bars will help you reduce plastic waste in your bathroom, which makes them perfect for your vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, and zero waste lifestyle.

Natural & Organic Soap
Handmade vegan soaps naturally moisturise and soften your skin

Ultimate Reasons to Buy Natural & Plastic-free Soap Bars

There’s no need to keep using harsh chemicals to clean your skin! With these plastic-free soap bars, your skin will feel healthy, fresh, and moisturised. No more toxic ingredients. Their natural, vegan, organic, and eco-friendly ingredients will naturally improve your skin!

But there’s more! These eco, natural, and plastic-free soap bars will help you get rid of annoying plastics. They’re wonderful for your skin and nature!

If you would like to know more about the ingredients of natural soap bars and their benefits, you can read our blog post: Handmade Natural Soaps vs Commercial Soaps. You will also learn more about how plastic-free soap bars are made and why they’re better than regular soaps!

Handmade Natural Soaps vs Commercial Soaps

Ready to Use Plastic-free Natural Soap Bars?

If you have sensitive skin, you can try vegan, organic, natural, unscented, and plastic-free soap bar, its healing properties will work wonders on your skin! All our natural soap bars are non-toxic and 100% plastic-free. What’s more, these plastic-free soap bars are great for your body, hands, and face!

To complement your zero waste bathroom, you can also try plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars to take care of your hair the eco way too! And finally, select your favourites wooden soap dishes to hold your natural and plastic-free bars!


Now that you know all the wonderful benefits and properties of natural, plastic-free soap bars, what are you waiting for? Your skin will love them!


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