Beeswax Food Wraps – Animal Print- 3 Pack


Make the switch to our Beeswax Food Wraps – Animal Design 3 Pack and do your part in reducing plastic waste while adding a touch of style to your kitchen.

These wraps are perfect for your daily food storage needs and make for a thoughtful and practical gift for eco-conscious friends and family.

Start wrapping your food sustainably today!

Introducing the Beeswax Food Wraps – Animal Design 3 Pack, which includes 2 medium-sized wraps and 1 large wrap.

These eco-friendly and sustainable food wraps are a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic wraps, helping you reduce your environmental footprint while keeping your food fresh.


1. Reusable and Eco-Friendly: These beeswax food wraps are made from all-natural materials, including organic cotton fabric, beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. These ingredients make the wraps fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, reducing plastic waste in your kitchen.

2. Vibrant Animal Design: These wraps come in a delightful animal-themed print, adding a touch of charm and fun to your kitchen. The design not only looks great but also sparks conversations about sustainability and eco-conscious choices.

3. Versatile Sizing: This 3-pack includes two medium-sized wraps (ideal for sandwiches, fruits, and snacks) and one large wrap (perfect for covering bowls, bread, or larger food items). The different sizes ensure you have the right wrap for various food storage needs.

4. Easy to Use: These wraps are pliable and easy to use. Simply warm the wrap in your hands to make it more flexible, then wrap it around your food or container. The natural beeswax material will create a seal, keeping your food fresh and preserving its flavours.

5. Long-Lasting: With proper care, these beeswax wraps can last for up to a year or even longer. After each use, wash them with mild soap and cool water and let them air dry. Avoid using them with hot temperatures, like in a microwave or dishwasher, to prolong their lifespan.

6. Sustainable and Non-Toxic: These wraps are free from harmful chemicals and plastics. They are safe to use for wrapping food and storing it in the fridge or pantry.

7. Reduce Food Waste: By keeping your food fresh and reducing plastic waste, these beeswax wraps help you contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet. You’ll also save money by not constantly buying disposable plastic wrap.