The Forager’s Calendar: A Seasonal Guide to Nature’s Wild Harvests


“The Forager’s Calendar: A Seasonal Guide to Nature’s Wild Harvests” is your indispensable companion for exploring the bounty of the natural world throughout the year.

Authored by expert forager John Wright, this meticulously crafted book offers a comprehensive overview of wild edibles, organised by season.

From tender spring greens to hearty autumn mushrooms, each chapter of “The Forager’s Calendar” is dedicated to the unique offerings of a particular season, providing detailed descriptions, identification tips, and mouthwatering recipes for incorporating wild foods into your culinary adventures.

Whether you’re a seasoned forager or a curious beginner, this beautifully illustrated guide will inspire you to connect with nature in a meaningful way, while also providing practical guidance for safely and responsibly harvesting wild plants and fungi.

With “The Forager’s Calendar” in hand, every hike becomes a treasure hunt, and every meal a celebration of the seasonal abundance that surrounds us.

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