Top 9 States to Live Off the Grid in the USA

Seeking freedom and sustainability, adventurers and eco-conscious individuals are turning to off-grid living across the USA.

This lifestyle promises independence from traditional utilities and a harmonious existence with nature. Yet, the ideal locale for such a life varies widely.

Our guide, the Top 9 States to Live Off the Grid in the USA, highlights the top destinations offering the perfect blend of legal ease, natural resources, and community support for a self-sufficient life, from Alaska’s wild expanses to the sunny, renewable-friendly landscapes of New Mexico.

1. Alaska

Why Alaska?

Alaska’s vast wilderness and low population density make it an ideal place for off-grid living.

The state has lenient building codes in rural areas, abundant wildlife for hunting, and numerous water sources.

However, the challenging climate and remote locations require thorough preparation and resilience.

Find out more about living off the grid in Alaska.

2. Texas

Why Texas?

Texas offers diverse climates, plenty of land, and favourable solar power potential, making it great for off-grid living.

The state has relatively relaxed zoning and building codes in rural areas.

Additionally, Texas’ agricultural opportunities are vast, thanks to its large size and variety of ecosystems.

Find out more about living off the grid in Texas.

3. Montana

Why Montana?

Known for its stunning landscapes and sparse population, Montana is perfect for those seeking solitude and a connection with nature.

The state has a supportive environment for renewable energy, including wind and solar power, and its regulations are generally favourable for off-grid living.

Find out more about living off the grid in Montana.

4. Wyoming

Why Wyoming?

Wyoming’s low population density and high average elevation make it ideal for wind energy.

The state also offers generous land availability and is supportive of off-grid endeavours, with few restrictions on rainwater harvesting and solar power.

Find out more about living off the grid in Wyoming.

5. New Mexico

Why New Mexico?

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, New Mexico is a prime location for solar energy enthusiasts.

The state also has liberal laws concerning off-grid living, making it easier for residents to collect rainwater and build without strict codes in rural areas.

Find out more about living off the grid in New Mexico.

6. Idaho

Why Idaho?

Idaho boasts a variety of climates and landscapes, from forests to mountains, providing a rich environment for off-grid living.

The state has favourable water rights laws and ample opportunities for hydroelectric and solar power generation.

Find out more about living off the grid in Idaho.

7. Tennessee

Why Tennessee?

Tennessee’s mild climate, fertile soil, and abundant rainfall are ideal for farming and gardening.

The state also has less restrictive building codes in rural areas, making it easier to construct off-grid homes.

Find out more about living off the grid in Tennessee.

8. Maine

Why Maine?

Maine offers vast forests, a low population density, and access to freshwater sources.

The state is appealing to those looking to live off the grid in a cooler climate, with opportunities for solar power, wind energy, and wood heating.

Find out more about living off the grid in Maine.

9. Oregon

Why Oregon?

Oregon is known for its progressive stance on sustainable living and renewable energy.

The state’s diverse climate zones allow for various off-grid living setups, from rainwater harvesting to solar and wind power generation.

Oregon also has a supportive community for off-grid living.

Find out more about living off the grid in Oregon.


Choosing to live off the grid is a powerful step towards independence, sustainability, and harmony with nature.

The states featured in “Freedom’s Frontier” each offer unique opportunities to embrace this lifestyle, from Alaska’s wilderness to Vermont’s green forests.

They are not just places to live but gateways to a life of freedom and ecological responsibility.

As the movement grows, these states stand as beacons for those seeking to build a life on their own terms, grounded in the values of self-reliance and respect for the earth.


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