Climate Change – What Can We Do To Help?

Written by zero & zen

Adopt sustainable mode of transportation

Tip 1

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By adopting sustainable modes of transportation, such as public transport, carpooling, and walking or cycling for a smaller distance, we can help minimise our individual carbon footprint.

Choose your airlines wisely

Tip 2

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Pick an airline that lets you offset your travel emissions when you purchase your ticket.

Say no to plastics

Tip 3

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Plastic products are extremely harmful to the environment as they take hundreds of years to degrade, polluting soil and streams, and killing large numbers of marine animals.

Reduce resource consumption

Tip 4

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Before utilising what could have gone to waste, reduce the consumption of the resource at the source. For example, food waste accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce food waste

Tip 5

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Unlike plastic bags and wraps, vegan food wraps are breathable, so they prevent mould growth. Moreover, beeswax wraps have anti-microbial properties that prevent food spoilage!