What Are Green Boilers & Their Benefits

What Are Green Boilers & their Benefits

Over a few years, the awareness about global environmental issues such as climate change has increased among people, therefore, green products have become popular.

Such is the case with boilers as through the realisation that how much harm traditional boilers cause to the environment, green options are being explored in this aspect.

Gas boilers have been used for decades as the heating system in our homes. These boilers are usually driven by fossil fuels, which is a primary cause of air pollution.

Moreover, the UK Government’s Target to reduce emissions by about 78% by 2035 has pushed local consumers and companies to opt for eco-friendly technology.

One way to cut down the emissions and minimise energy consumption is switching to greener boilers like air source heat pumps.

To replace traditional boilers, first, you need to know what green boilers are and how they can benefit the environment.

So, let’s take a look at some examples of green boilers and their primary advantages.

What are Green Boilers?

What are Green Boilers?

Green boilers are the ones that can power fuel into heating energy with maximum efficiency.

It means that if your boiler has 98 percent efficiency, it will generate 98 percent energy to heat your home whereas 2 percent energy will get lost in the process.

This points to the fact that inefficient boilers require excessive fuel to provide heating, which in turn results in high carbon emissions. 

Different types of boilers can run efficiently and provide you with the best heating results with a minimum amount of energy wastage.

Below mentioned are some types;

How Does An Electric Boiler Work?

Electric boilers don’t require fossil fuel to get energy for heating. Instead, these are completely powered by electricity.

Though, there is an argument that electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels but here we are referring to clean renewable energy.

The electric boiler itself doesn’t contribute to emissions but the electricity used for its function might not be clean or renewable.

Mostly, electric boilers can provide heating with 100 percent efficiency which means that no energy gets wasted.

How Do Biomass Boilers Work?

Biomass boilers are powered by fuel sourced from wood or plant-based resources. Typically, wood is used to generate energy for this type of boiler system.

Therefore, this system is referred to as a carbon neutral heating system.

The carbon generated in this heating process is the carbon that was absorbed by the plant in its entire lifetime.

But, to keep this process clean, it is required to plant more trees so that new trees can absorb carbon dioxide along with restoring the forests

If enough trees are not planted in exchange for use in biomass boilers, then it will not be considered a green heating system.

geothermal heat pump

How Does A Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

Another type of green boiler is the geothermal heat pump which is also referred to as a ground source heat pump.

Rather than using fossil fuels to generate heat, this pump powers natural heat for space and water heating.

As the temperature underneath the ground stays constant all around the year, which means hotter relative to the room temperature in winters and the opposite in summers.

Ground source heating pump uses this phenomenon as it takes heat energy from the ground and supplies it to the house.

In this way, without combusting any non-renewable energy, it serves the purpose of heating.

It is an efficient heating system as it can produce relatively more heat than traditional boilers.

Moreover, these boilers could be used both in winters and summers as they can turn into a space heater as well as a space cooler.

Though geothermal heat pumps are expensive they are an excellent investment in the long run as it saves a significant amount of money on energy bills.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Air Source Heat Pumps trap heat from open air and use it to heat the building.

These types of boilers are an excellent source of heating as they provide 3 times extra heat as compared to the electrical energy it use to operate.

In this way, it helps you economise your bills along with preserving electrical energy.

Using air source heating pumps can cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions of 1.1 million metric tons per year.

What Are Hydrogen Boilers?

Hydrogen boilers are an effective heating solution as they are an eco-friendly substitute for gas boilers.

These boilers are carbon-efficient as unlike gas, combustion of hydrogen only forms water vapour.

Moreover, hydrogen can easily be used in existing gas boiler systems.

Solar Heating Systems

What Are Solar Heating Systems?

Solar heating systems trap heat directly from the sun and transfer it inside your home for storage which can be used for water heating and space heating.

Transpired air collectors help to heat the indoor surroundings to 40°F.

Thus, it helps to save energy by capturing heat from a renewable source i.e. the sun.

Benefits of Green Boilers

  • Lower Energy Bills

By acquiring an efficient green boiler, you can save a lot on your heating bills.

However, most of these boilers have expensive installation, but in the long term, these costs will seem a minor investment that has huge benefits not just for you but also for the environment.

  • Fast Heating

Green boilers use less energy to produce more heat at the same time as traditional gas boilers and therefore your building will warm up quickly.

  • Reduced Emissions

As green boilers mostly operate through renewable energy, it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are primarily produced when fossil fuels are burnt.

Moreover, some green boilers are carbon neutral such as biomass boilers, which help to offset carbon emissions.

Thus, green boilers are a practical source to eliminate carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

  • Energy Efficient

The innovative technology used in green boilers has made them capable of minimising heat wastage along with improving the heating process.


Stepping into an eco-friendly lifestyle is not as easy as it seems, it requires enormous costs but at the same time has plenty of benefits.

Thus, replace your boilers with green ones and contribute to saving your planet from harmful energy-related emissions along with minimising your heating expenses.


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